Graphics Development Tools

Since 1981, ATC has provided a number of software products to aid in the graphics software development process for UNIX workstation environments and most recently for Windows 95 and NT.Our current product line includes Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) applications and CGM interpretation/generation libraries, Print/Plot Spoolers, Graphic Libraries for application development, and products which support X/Motif and GUI development in Ada.

Computer Graphics Metafile(CGM)

GRAFPAK-CGM:Now on NT and Windows 95!
A graphics subroutine library that enables applications to output Computer Graphics Metafiles (CGM) files in binary, character or clear text encodings. Hardcopy output can also be achieved by using GRAFPAK-CGM in conjunction with either of ATC's CGM plotting solutions.

CGM-Spooler: Now has Pen Mapping Capability!
This product is a set of filters used for hardcopy output of CGM files. CGM-Spooler can also convert CGMs to HPGL, TIFF and PostScript files, as well as to other plotting formats.This product is used throughout the industry to provide hardcopy output for high-end plotters and printers.

Metacheck: Now with Support for CGM Version 3!
A conformance analyzer for CGM files which offers several levels of detail in reporting the compliance of CGMs with ANSI/ISO, CALS, ATA or PIP specifications. Metacheck identifies and provides detailed reports on syntactical and semantic errors and on the use of Escapes, GDPs and Application Data elements.

Print/Plot Solutions

ForPrint for Unix:
A print management system based on ATC's CGM-Spooler product. ForPrint has an intuitive graphical user interface for viewing, scheduling, rendering and plotting CGM files to a wide range of hardcopy devices such as CalComp, Versatec, HPGL II and PostScript. Alternatively, CGM-Spooler can be used for printing via command line.

Graphics Libraries

GRAFPAK-GKS:Now on NT and Windows 95!
A 2-Dimensional graphics subroutine library conforming to level 2C of the ANSI/ISO Graphical Kernel System (GKS) standard. GRAFPAK-GKS is available with FORTRAN, C, and Ada language bindings.

Ada Programming Tools

Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is the leader in providing Ada bindings to the Xlib and Motif libraries and UIL to Ada code generation. With the growth of the Ada market, ATC has expanded it's Ada expertise to partner with popular GUI builder companies for Ada code generation from within their products. Other Ada binding products and custom Ada programming services are available.

Ada Bindings to X/Motif

AXI: Now Supports Ada95 Compilers!
An Ada to X-Window System interface that provides Ada83or Ada95 programmers full use of the X Window System's network display services and the OSF/Motif graphical user interface (GUI) standard. Modules include:

Custom Ada Programming Services

ATC has developed Ada bindings for some commercially available products. For information on other binding products or for custom programming services, contact ATC.

Ada GUI Builders (3rd Party)

A GUI builder for Ada developers that is based on Bluestone Inc.'s award winning UIM/X development tool. Ada-UIM/X is a co-development effort between Bluestone and ATC for generating Ada code compatible with the AXI: Ada to X Interface product.

A GUI builder for Ada developers that is based on Black &White Software Inc.'s market-leading UIM/X product. Black& White Software integrated ATC's UILTrans product with UIM-Ada to generate code compatible with the AXI: Ada to XInterface product.

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