ATC and Bluestone Jointly Deliver Ada GUI Builder

Laguna Hills, CA (November 7, 1995). Advanced Technology Center and Bluestone Inc. have combined their technologies to develop and release an integrated GUI Builder for Ada developers. Ada-UIM/X makes full use of Bluestone's UIM/X Builder Engine plus the ability to generate Ada code conforming to ATC's proven AXI Ada interface to X and Motif. Ada-UIM/X is priced at $4000 for a single seat license with volume discounts available. The product will be available for shipment beginning December 15, 1995 and is initially supported on the SunOS, Solaris and HP platforms.

According to Bob Bruns, Chief Operating Officer of ATC, "Working together, Bluestone and ATC have provided Ada-oriented GUI developers with an unprecedented set of integration tools that together allow quick and flexible Ada code generation from a GUI for use in generating Motif-based applications." According to Mel Baiada, President of Bluestone Inc., "Ada-UIM/X gives Ada developers the same rapid application development environment that other developers have enjoyed. Ada-UIM/X combines the market leaders in the Motif GUI Development world and the Ada market in an integrated development environment."

Bluestone Inc. specializes in transferring advanced technology for Open Systems applications development via products, support, training and professional services. Bluestone UIM/X is an object-oriented GUI builder with full Motif support, reusable GUI components and customizable corporate style guides. Advanced Technology Center is a recognized leader in industry-standard graphics toolkit software critical to the development of high performance graphics applications and is a leading supplier of software tools for Ada developers. ATC's UILTrans product allows Ada developers to convert UIL code to either C or Ada while ATC's AXI provides an Ada-to-X Windows interface with full access to Xlib, Xt and Motif.

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