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ForReview Lite Express
Beta Version 3.0b3 / Last Updated Oct 3, 1995
The Best "Raster File" View and Mark-up Tool is Now Available to You FREE!
For office type documents and vector file support - read below about "The Complete ForReview Family"

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We at ATC know that the best way to introduce you to our ForReview Family of products is to have you try them. We also know that in order to get most people to try something, it shouldn't cost them anything.

That is why we have decided to GIVE you a copy of our fabulous
ForReview Lite Express.
No strings attached!


For Your Own Benefit, please refer to both the ForReview Highlights and ForReview Lite Express Guideline documents. Both files are filled with imperative information needed when first using ForReview Lite Express. Even though these files are included in the download, you can easily print them out now by clicking on them, use your browser "Print" function, then return to this page by using your browser "Back" button.

Why Should You Replace Your Current Internet Viewer with ForReview Lite Express?

--- Loads more than one raster image at a time
--- Provides zoom, pan and rotation of large raster images
--- Increased capabilities of viewing images on Internet by supporting many more raster formats
--- Prints your raster images including multiple images per page
--- Provides upgrade path to office document viewing (word processing, database and spreadsheets)
--- Provides upgrade path to CAD and vector file viewing (AutoCAD, CGM, HPGL, etc.)
--- Provides sophisticated annotation and mark-up (redlining) facilities
--- Converts from one raster format to another
--- Performs measurements and basic analysis for engineering drawings
--- Provides support with the $99 upgrade
--- Saves raster images locally
--- Provides a single viewing solution - drag and drop files, view files from any location, etc.

Just look at some of the features in ForReview Lite Express!

--- View and mark-up (redlining) raster images --- Internet ready (Netscape recommended)
--- Multimedia support through Note Objects --- Convert one raster format to another
--- URL and Home Page support provided --- World class Windows GUI
--- Configurable and customizable --- Rich set of features

Learn to Use Your New Copy of
ForReview Lite Express!

Even though ForReview Lite Express was designed to be user friendly, it is a very powerful program containing many exciting features. The ForReview Highlights document was written to help you quickly discover these capabilities, and is full of information needed to use your software successfully. The ForReview Lite Express Guideline gives you step-by-step instructions on how to integrate the software to your Web browser, and what to do after it is integrated. We strongly encourage you to read both of these documents.

You may also download a set of Sample Files to use while learning the software. Note that this sample file of images is the same sample.exe file referred to on the actual "Download Software" page. If you missed it there, you can grab it here.

The Complete ForReview Family

We are so sure that after you use ForReview Lite Express, you will want to upgrade to one of our other editions of the ForReview family. Each edition includes all of the features of the previous edition, plus powerful added features. See how the ForReview family will satisfy all of your enterprise-wide view and mark-up requirements.

--- ForReview Lite - View and mark-up raster images. Integrated with mail/fax - send documents/mark-ups around the world by clicking a button. Also includes extensive API for easy integration with third party applications.

--- ForReview Office - Lite, plus view and mark-up of office documents including databases, word-processing files and spreadsheets. Integrated with Lotus Notes®.

--- ForReview Professional - Office, plus view and mark-up of CAD/vector formats including AutoCad, CGM, HPGL and many more. Integrated with popular EDM/PDM systems.

So What is the Difference Between
ForReview Lite and ForReview Lite Express?

ForReview Lite Express is ATC's introductory freebie product. It is intended to be a stand alone application and cannot be interfaced or integrated with other third party applications. It is only available on the Internet, and does not come with any support. However, don't take it "litely", as it contains all kinds of wonderful features.

ForReview Lite is ATC's upgraded version of Express, and costs only $99. It includes a printed manual and full Customer Support for one year. It also includes a powerful API for quick and seamless integration with your custom or third party applications. It contains pre-configured integration with many of today's popular mail and fax applications. (It also gets rid of that embarrassing red eval copy bar at the bottom of Lite Express!)

You can read more about pricing and products available from ATC on the ForWare Products and Platform Availablility page.

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