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ANSI/ISO Based Device-Independent Graphics Software Development Library.
SunGKS Compatible!

The Premier GKS Implementation

GRAFPAK-GKS is a leading implementation of Graphical Kernel System (GKS), a global standard for device-independent graphics software development. The GKS standard (ANSI X3.124, ISO 7942 and FIPS 120) specifies the basic drawing primitives and attributes necessary to develop advanced graphics applications. Primitives are invoked in a conceptual "graphics workstation", accessible through input facilities defined for oprator interaction. The GKS standard specifies Language Bindings, with formal procedures for the naming of program routines, the use of data types and the calling sequence for each routine. GRAFPAK-GKS supports a rich set of primitives and attributes, synchronous and asynchronous input, operation in windowing environments and extensive font support. A wide range of commercial display and hardcopy devices, as well as popular output file formats for archiving graphics output are supported.

Long-Term Investment Protection

GKS was developed in a world-wide collaborative effort by experts in graphics software development and has been implemented by many commercial, research and academic organizations throughout the world. ATC first delivered GRAFPAK-GKS in 1984 and since then, the company has made several major revisions to the product. Each revision represented a major development effort in increasing functionality and improving product performance to take adavantage of evolving computation, communication, display and hardcopy technologies. Despite the continued evolution of GKS, it is still possible to take an application developed on the first version and build it on a new platform with the current version of GRAFPAK-GKS without source code modifications. Machine and device independence is a major goal of the GKS standard. GRAFPAK-GKS is available for all the major computer platforms used for graphics software development today.

Support for Leading Window Systems

GRAFPAK-GKS works exceptionally well within an X Window System and Motif environment. The power of GKS's high-level, generalized GKS primitives and attributes, segment storage, segment operations and coordinate transformations, combined with Motif widgets for user interaction results a complete application development environment. GKS may be used to create new windows, write to existing windows, or create a "blanket" window which can be used as an overlay for an existing window, allowing the operator to create a composite image. Objects may be constructed, displayed, edited and geometrically transformed with GKS facilities. GRAFPAK-GKS supports software double buffering on all X displays using off-screen pixmap rendering. Xlib facilities are exploited to promote efficient rendering of patterns, cell arrays and raster dumps. In addition, GKS escape functions and extension are available to exploit X Window System's color predefinition, plane masks, background color, saving and restoring of pixmaps, backing store, window resizing and redisplay, events dispatch, key press and release control, among others.

Hardcopy Output

The X Window System does not address hardcopy requirements other than screen dumps to raster devices. The same GKS-based code that manages graphics output and interaction in a X window may be used for hardcopy output to supported devices, addressing each device at its best resolution and exploit the entire range of its other capabilities.

SunGKS Compatibility

GRAFPAK-GKS includes a SunGKS 4.0 compatibility layer to enable SunGKS-based applications to be moved to a portable GKS foundation that will continue to be supported and enahanced over the long term. The compatibility layer supports all SunGKS extensions at the Language Binding level. Most applications may be rehosted from SunGKS to GRAFPAK-GKS with minmial effort and only minor source modifications. SunGKS-based applications may also be rehosted to non-Sun platforms in the process with no additional effort.

GRAFPAK-GKS: API Choice for Portability

Standards Conformance

GRAFPAK-GKS has been certified as conforming with the GKS standard by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Primitives and Attributes

Standard primitives: Polyline, Polymarker, Fill Area, Text and Cell Array are complemented with Generalized Drawing Primitives (GDPs), including Rectangle, Circle, Arcs, Sectors and Fitted Curves. All standard attributes for each primitive are fully supported (simulated as ncessary). Predefined and user-defined attributes supported include line and hatch styles, fill patterns and attribute bundles.


User-definable normalization transformations enable the application to function in its native Cartesian coordinate system. Multiple transformations may be invoked for special effects.

Language Bindings

GRAFPAK-GKS is available with Fortran, C and Ada Language bindings. The C language binding is ANSI C-compliant. The Ada Language Binding supports leading Ada compilers including Rational/APEX and AONIX/AdaWorld.

Input Facilities

GRAFPAK-GKS supports logical input devices in the six classes of locator, stroke, valuator, choice, pick and string. Synchronous request and sample input, as well as asynchronous event input is fully supported. A comprehensive set of Prompt and Echo types define alternative "look and feel" for each input device.


The Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) is a key standard (ANSI/ISO 8632) for transport of pictorial information in desktop publishing and CAD environments. GRAFPAK-GKS supports export of CALS-compliant CGMs as well as import of CGMs within the context of GKS facilities.

GRAFPAK-GKS: Preferred by the Toughest Customers

GRAFPAK-GKS is the choice of OEMs, system integrators, national laboratories and other market leaders developing graphics applications in civil, mechanical and electronic design, mapping, network analysis, command and control, communications and many others. When choosing GRAFPAK-GKS, you're in good company. For more information on GRAFPAK-GKS or any of our other products, contact an ATC account representative today.

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