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ForPrint from ATC Gives UNIX Users a Full-Featured Print Manager for CGM-Based Drawings

Laguna Hills, CA (May 10, 1995). Advanced Technology Center today announced ForPrint for UNIX, a complete feature-rich print manager for Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) files that frees the UNIX user from having to deal with the details of file format conversions, plotting & rendering controls, and printer management. ForPrint for UNIX auto detects file formats and includes capabilities for direct submission of files for printing, interactive print queue management and for delayed printing. The package even gives users a fully-integrated Print Preview facility which displays an approximation of how the plot will be rendered on the target printer.

ForPrint for UNIX uses a Motif-based user interface that is tied to a full set of filters for converting CGM files to protocols and formats understood by a wide range of target printers and plotters. Rather than replacing the system print spooler, ForPrint for UNIX relies upon, integrates with and builds upon the existing spooler facilities. ForPrint includes a full context-sensitive on-line hypertext help facility which is HTML-based and uses Mosaic. Designed for easy integration within large-scale plotting operations, ForPrint for UNIX also includes an API which allows direct access to the top level user interface with a single programming call.

According to Robert Bruns, ATC Chief Operating Officer, "Our goal with ForPrint for UNIX was to make printing of CGM files as simple as printing in Microsoft Windows. Not only can users preview how their print output will look, they can even zoom into the preview image. All print management activity can be left completely in the background or the print queue can be easily accessed and modified with simple point and click operations."

CGM is the only compact format convenient for carrying mixed vector and raster information that can be printed on many different devices. Many software products in the Mechanical and Electrical CAD, desktop publishing and presentation graphics areas are able to produce CGMs.

ForPrint for UNIX handles input of Version 1 CGMs (CALS, MAP/TOP and ATA Profiles), text files and device-specific files. Supported printer and plotter formats include PostScript (Color, Monochrome & EPS), Calcomp, HP-GL, HP-GL/2, Versatec, SunRaster, TIFF (including CCIT Group III & IV), and Gerber Photoplotters. ForPrint for UNIX is available on the following platforms; HP-9000/HP- UX, SGI/IRIX, Sun SPARC/Solaris, IBM RS6000/AIX, and DEC AXP/OSF. Future releases of ForPrint will be available for Windows NT, Intel X86/Windows and OpenVMS environments.

ForPrint for UNIX pricing begins at $1995 for five seats with provisions available for site licensing.

Advanced Technology Center is a recognized leader in industry-standard graphics toolkit software critical to the development of high performance graphics applications. ATC's ForWare family of integrated document imaging applications provides a comprehensive set of view, markup, printing and raster-to- vector conversion tools to enhance the capabilities of enterprise-wide Electronic Document Management systems.

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