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The Print Manager Solution to Your Graphics Printing Needs

ForPrint for UNIX is a Print Manager for printing, viewing and print preview of graphics files from a variety of applications. A Motif-based user interface provides plotting and rendering controls, delayed printing, queue management and support for a wide range of output devices. ForPrint encapsulates format conversion filters, text filters and system services, such as print spoolers, into a single integrated software solution.

File Formats

The primary graphics format supported by ForPrint is Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) Version 1. CGM is an ANSI and ISO standard that defines a rich set of graphical elements and attributes. Most CAD systems are capable of generating CGMs, as are many of today's leading documentation, graphics, visualization, page layout, and presentation applications. Future versions of ForPrint will offer support for additional graphics file formats.

Text files may also be printed, but not previewed. Optional text filters such as enscript may easily be integrated into ForPrint.

Options and Controls

ForPrint's user interface and extensive list of options are implemented with easy-to-use and intuitive Motif menus, "quick-action" icons, pinnable dialog boxes, a scrollable message area, and a dynamic queue of print jobs. A wide variety of print and plot options allow precise control over the printed image: plot options related to size, margins and justification; rendering options for attributes related to color handling and individual picture elements; draft options to specify overrides for generating quick check plots; and, scheduling options for printing in background or at a future instance. Other format-specific options provide interpretation controls for CGMs.

File View and Print Preview

ForPrint's File View feature allows CGMs to be viewed from the File menu with a double-click of the mouse in the file browser. The view window displays the complete file contents, and allows the user to zoom into a section of the picture for greater detail. Geometry and other attributes of the view window may be specified as user preferences, which can be saved across invocations. ForPrint's Print Preview feature displays an approximation of the image as it will be rendered on the target printer or plotter. Plot size, location and justification are displayed with the picture in relation to the mounted page. You may zoom into the picture while in Preview, and print the visible part of the picture. Print Preview accommodates plot orientation, metric CGMs and custom plot sizes.

On-line Help

Context-sensitive, hypertext-based on-line help is integrated with ForPrint. The help system uses Mosaic to display its contents. Minimal training is necessary, and all documentation is available within the help system. This ensures a reduced learning curve and a minimal investment in training for both users and system administrators.

Plot Center Benefits

ForPrint provides features useful in plot centers that support multiple users. Logical printer and plotter definitions may be set up, administered, and made available to all users. Printer and plotter information like location and media guidelines may be incorporated into the printer definition. Plot identification with banner pages helps prevent mix up among users. Delayed and background printing optimize throughput.

Seamless Integration Into Your Application

ForPrint is designed for easy integration to provide printing from within your application. An Application Programming Interface (API) is included that allows direct access to the main ForPrint window with a single call. The API also supports access to individual ForPrint dialogs for tighter integration with your application. Your application merely generates a CGM and leaves the printing to ForPrint. ForPrint is an ideal component for CAD and other applications to off-load printing of graphics files to an external module. This is the same concept that has been exploited successfully by applications in the Microsoft Windows environment.

Premier Support

ATC provides the highest possible level of technical support through our Premier Support plan, and offers specialized services to assist with the overall design and integration that will be tailored to your specific environment. Whether you're looking for a print management solution to complement an existing system, or a versatile print module to integrate into your application, call an ATC account representative today at 1-800-999-5711. Find out how ATC can provide both the expertise and the commitment to serve as your full solution partner.

ForPrint Feature Set

Device-specific Controls

Rendering modules make full use of device capabilities and support a number of options. Plot size and origin, output redirection and thick line rendering options are available on all devices. The following controls are implemented on a device-specific basis:











Device-specific file formats like HP-GL, PostScript and Calcomp 906/907 are supported for reprinting, but cannot be previewed.

System Requirements

Supported Platforms

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