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A library of Filters to display, print and plot Computer Graphics Metafiles (CGMs). Integrate CGM-Spooler with your graphics application to provide seamless hardcopy output.

Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) Spool Filters

CGM-Spooler is a complete software product for viewing, printing, or plotting Computer Graphics Metafiles (CGMs). It provides a convenient way of previewing graphical information from multiple sources and generating hardcopy on a wide range of graphics output devices. As a filter, CGM-Spooler can be integrated with third party applications to provide transparent CGM spooling directly to a selected output device.

Available for many UNIX systems and supporting a wide range of printers and plotters, CGM-Spooler is, at its core, a CGM interpreter linked to device-specific rendering modules. Each filter takes a CGM as input, and produces output targeted for a specific display, printer or plotter. A straightforward X-Window CGM viewer is also included.

Why you need CGM Support

The Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) is an American (ANSI X3.122-1986, FIPS Publication 128) and international (ISO/IEC 8632-1987) standard for storage, transmission, and archival of graphics information. The standard defines a rich set of graphical elements and attributes, specifying encodings as well as element representation and storage formats.

CGMs have recently found widespread acceptance as a popular vehicle for the exchange of graphical information. Many high-end applications, especially in the mechanical and electrical CAD areas, not only export CGMs, but rely on CGMs to be the sole vehicle for hardcopy support. CGM-Spooler provides accurate interpretation and translation of CGM files, which is absolutely vital for accurate output.

Large software applications, especially in the mechanical and electrical CAD sectors (EDS Unigraphics, Intergraph PCBengineer and ACEPLUS, Computervision THEDA) have successfully implemented CGM-based hardcopy solutions. A number of high-end development tools like DEC PHIGS, SunPHIGS and HOOPS also use CGMs exclusively for hardcopy support.

CALS and ATA Application Profile Support

The CGM format has been adopted as a part of the U.S. Department of Defense CALS standard (MIL-D-28003A), in the form of a CALS CGM Profile. The profile is a narrower definition of the basic standard, with additional restrictions on the use of certain elements and attributes. Similarly, the ATA profile, adopted by aerospace manufacturers, also rigorously defines and restricts certain aspects of CGM files. CGM-Spooler works with CGMs conforming to these profiles.

Enterprise-Wide Hardcopy

CGM-Spooler is a fast and effective enterprise-wide tool for previewing, printing, and plotting CGMs. CGM files generated from any application can be easily previewed using an inexpensive Xterminal before spooling it to a hardcopy device - there is no need to use high-powered workstations to run applications simply to view or obtain a plot. CGM-Spooler's streamlined viewer is based on a straightforward command line interface; new users can be trained in a matter of hours.

No More Device Drivers!

Traditionally, supporting a wide variety of printers and plotters has been a major investment in time and energy during the development of applications, to say nothing of the technical support afterwards. With CGM-Spooler, you and your development team are relieved of this burden, and only need to generate a valid CGM to ensure accurate hardcopy. To add support of a new printer or plotter, just use another CGM-Spooler filter.

Easy Integration with Existing Print Spoolers

CGM-Spooler filters are designed for easy integration into the operating system's print spooler or other printing subsystems. Once integrated, CGM-Spooler filters can be automatically invoked by the spooler subsystem itself. This makes it easy for users to work with CGMs - they simply queue a CGM into the spooler or printing subsystem and let CGM-Spooler take care of generating output.

CGM-Spooler Feature Set

Printers and Plotters

Output File Formats

CGM Interpretation Controls

Rendering Controls

Total CGM Solutions

ATC is fully committed to the CGM and CALS standards, and offers a complete family of CGM products. Generate CGMs from your application using GRAFPAK-CGM, a CGM generator library. Use Metacheck to verify conformance of your files to the CGM standard or the CALS profile. Incorporate MDL/I into your application and read in element-level information from CGMs. Use CGM-Spooler to view the CGMs and generate hardcopy. By using CGM solutions from ATC, you will be in the company of leading CAD vendors who obtain CGM technology from ATC.

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