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ATC Extends Ada Graphics Tools Family with Support for X Windows and GUI-Builders

Laguna Hills, CA (March 16, 1995). Advanced Technology Center announced the availability of two powerful new software tools that assist Ada developers in the rapid development of UNIX Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). ATC's Ada-to-X Interface (AXI) delivers a full-featured set of Ada-language bindings to Xlib, X Intrinsics and OSF-Motif. UIL-Trans is a filter that translates existing Motif User Interface language (UIL) code into Ada or `C' language source code. In combination, AXI and UIL-Trans enable Ada designers to seamlessly link existing Ada applications to X/Motif-based GUIs and to quickly build, test and deliver new GUIs.

According to Robert Bruns, ATC's Chief Operating Officer, "We provide a reliable bridge for Ada developers so that they can access all the power and wide-acceptance of X and Motif without having to become UNIX experts in the process. This is especially important for bringing highly-interactive GUIs to the countless government applications that require the use of Ada in a UNIX environment."

ATC's AXI is fully supported on leading Ada environments from both Rational Software Corporation and Thomson Software Products (formerly Alsys Corporation). The most recent port to Rational's family of development tools is AXI for Rational Apex. Apex provides a high-end software engineering, configuration management and development environment designed to support Ada "programming in the large". The most recent addition to Thomson Software's family of development tools is AXI for ObjectAda, an Ada 9X-compatible, fully object-oriented Ada environment.

AXI also includes a STARS interface to Xlib, XT and Motif. STARS was originally developed for the U.S. Department of Defense and has since become a public domain binding.

ATC's UIL-Trans makes it possible for Ada programmers to take the output from any standard GUI builder, or from hand coded UIL, and automatically generate the corresponding Ada-language source code. This dramatically simplifies the task of programming GUIs in Ada. UIL-Trans 1.0 currently supports the following GUI builders: TeleUse from Thomson Software; Builder Xcessory from ICS; ezX from SunRise Software; and UIM/X available from Black and White Software and Bluestone Consulting, Inc. UIL-Trans also gives the developer a range of output options by translating UIL into any of three different source formats; `C', AXI-Ada or STARS-Ada.

ATC is a leader in providing application developers with high-performance graphics environments based on the X11, Motif, GKS, CGM and PHIGS standards. ATC's AXI, GKS and PHIGS Ada bindings are available on most Unix platforms for Ada/6000, AdaWorld, Apex, ICC, ObjectAda, RISCAda, VADS and many other leading compilers. In addition, ATC's ForWare family of integrated document imaging applications provides a comprehensive set of view, markup, printing and raster-to-vector conversion tools to enhance the capabilities of enterprise-wide Electronic Document Management systems.

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