ATC’s AXI: Ada Bindings to X/Motif

for GNAT Environments

Laguna Hills, CA. June 16, 1997 – Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is pleased to announce the extension of its new generation AXI: Ada Interface to X and Motif product to support the freely-available GNAT Ada 95 compiler. AXI has, for some time, been available for several of the leading commercial Ada compilers. Broadening AXI’s horizon to include support for GNAT 3.09 gives Motif developers added versatility in selecting the Ada compiler that best suits their development needs and cost requirements.

This new release of AXI, Version 4.1.3, accommodates X/Motif developers who are migrating existing Ada 83 applications to object-oriented Ada 95, as well as those who are beginning new development efforts in Ada 95. Customers with AXI Version 3.x licenses can upgrade to AXI 4.1.3 without difficulty since the new version’s Ada 95 API is identical to the Ada 83 API.

AXI 4.1.3 allows users to implement their applications on GNAT 3.09 as well as on many commercial Ada compilers like Apex, AdaWorld, ObjectAda and VADS, while maintaining the same X/Motif API in each environment. In addition, AXI 4.1.3 includes unique value-added APIs without compromising the strong typing of the Ada language. With AXI, experienced X, Motif and Ada programmers are not forced to learn a new syntax or tool, but can become productive immediately.

According to Chris Green, AXI Product Manager, "Programming applications with AXI and GNAT has proven to be easier and faster than programming in C. Our value-added APIs such as Varargs and AdaXPM are provided without compromising the strong typing of the Ada language. AXI 4.1.3 eliminates objections to the use of Ada in X and Motif applications. The new STARS interface is now implemented so that legacy STARS code can be brought into AXI."

AXI 4.1.3 includes the following features:

AXI is portable to many compilers and to any host that supports X11 release 5 or later and Motif 1.2 or later. Since GNAT is integrated into the GCC "retargetable" compiler system, it is also available in a variety of hardware and operating system environments. Specifically, AXI 4.1.3 for GNAT 3.09 can be obtained for DEC Alpha/Digital UNIX 4.x, HP/HP-UX 10.x, SGI/IRIX 5.x, Sun/SunOS 4.x and Sun/Solaris 2.x.

AXI 4.1.3 is priced at $2,995 in the U.S. for a single seat license with volume discounts available. This product can be obtained directly from ATC.

ATC is a leader in providing application developers with high performance graphics environments based on the industry’s leading standards, including Graphical Kernel System (GKS), Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM), Programmer’s Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System (PHIGS), and the X Window System and OSF/Motif. ATC’s family of Ada bindings to graphics libraries works with leading Ada compilers and on most UNIX platforms. ATC has considerable experience in porting graphics software between platforms and in the development of custom Ada bindings and graphics solutions. For more information regarding these services, please contact a sales representative at ATC.


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